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Cabinet minister Greg Hands told a critic to keep quiet and was gloriously owned into next year

Greg Hands, the London and trade policy minister who is standing for re-election in west London, is one of a number of Conservatives seeking to make political capital – anything! – out of Keir Starmer’s declaration that he quite likes to spend time with his family after 6pm on a Friday.

As the community note makes clear, he was just talking about Fridays – not every day, as the Tory tweet suggests.

Here’s what Hands had to say.

And there were lots of people saying eminently sensible things like this.

And this.

And one reply in particular caught our eye, from the always followable @mrhenrymorris – formerly ‘The Secret Tory’ – because it was simply so good.

And it caught Hands’ eye as well, it turned out.

And he was promptly owned into the next parliament, beginning with @mrhenrymorris himself.