8 terrible murals that should probably be painted over ASAP

Murals, street art – whatever you want to call them – can often brighten up otherwise bland streets or buildings. The following murals are not examples of that.

1. This mural at a school, possibly influenced by the game QWOP.

2. This mural at an aquarium depicting “jellyfish”.

3. This mural at the Giant Panda exhibit in San Diego Zoo. Pandas suffering from rickets.

4. A mural to inspire any student (to stick a cone up their arse).

5. This mural at the Denver Airport is guaranteed make air travel a joy.

6. Gus presents his false teeth. Nancy is right to look so worried.

7. This camper van owner likes his van so much he got a mural of his van on his van. *Inception sound*

8. This mural in Japan. Sleep well!