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Jemaine Clement had not one but two of the very best responses to this classist ‘rigged French election’ troll

The French elections didn’t go the way the far right had hoped, where progressive and centrist voters joined forces to keep Marine Le Pen’s party at bay. And thank goodness for that.

And some people weren’t just not happy about it, they weren’t buying it, in true Donald Trump style, making allegations of a rigged election.

Like this person, for instance, an anti-mainstream media type called @ElijahSchaffer.

And we mention him because the great Jemaine Clement had not just one but the two very best responses.

First up, this.

And second, this.

Nailed it. Twice.

Not everyone was buying it.

And they lived to regret it.

But most of all, this.

Source @AJemaineClement