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James O’Brien pointed out a GB News presenter had ‘comedian’ in their Twitter bio and their off the scale response was quite the read

To the world of Twitter now – no, stick with us (and yes, we are still calling it Twitter) – where LBC presenter James O’Brien took aim at a GB News presenter (and comic) who has ‘comedian’ in their Twitter bio.

Specifically, a comedian called Leo Kearse, whose GB News show, like every other GB News show, we’ve managed to miss so far.

Here’s the segment that caught O’Brien’s attention.

And this is what the LBC man had to say about it.

And Kearse’s off the scale response is quite the read, as highlighted by @miffythegamer over on Twitter (warning – lively language).

Seriously, though, tell us how you really feel.

James O’Brien’s response was rather more succinct, but no less effective for it.

And here’s what everyone else made of it.

And this person had a theory.

Unexpected plot twist.

Source @miffythegamer