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18 shockingly sincere things people think America does better than any other country

Americans have just celebrating the 4th of July holiday weekend.

So what better time to enjoy this thread from Reddit user @RedskinPotatoes26, who asks:

‘What is something the United States of America does better than any other country?’

Surprisingly, people didn’t seem to take the piss – surely a first in the history of Reddit – and instead used the thread to praise the US for what it does well (with the odd affectionate joke thrown in).

“I’ve heard from others our air conditioning is top notch.”

“National parks.
The 30-year fixed rate mortgage.”

“The parks are such an underrated American thing. It’s the one “unnecessary” government function that no one complains about, everyone can enjoy, and brings tourism from all over the world. Not to mention the views….Glacier NP in the spring will make you a believer.”

“Turning our flag into articles of clothing.”

“live rent free in everyone’s heads.”

“I was born in Europe and moved to the USA as a young teen. The U.S. gets assimilation really well. Like- you become part of some group fairly quickly and there are many to pick from. In Europe we had two boys in school, one from the US and one from India. Those kids got picked on for years and years. They never ever were going to be considered to be one of us. And never will.

The U.S. has this thing where if you play a sport and win as a team, or get through something difficult together like a math competition or a science lab, or play in a band that sounded good- suddenly you are one of everyone else. I had never experienced that before. It felt… good.”

“The USA is an ongoing team project.”

“Cultural Imperialism /’soft power’. Heard a quote once, I love it. ‘China has kung-fu. China has pandas. China is unable to create Kung-Fu Panda’.”

“Entertainment. Americans love to be entertained. We spend more money on entertainment than anybody anywhere. That’s all kinds of entertainment from movies, music concerts, amusement parks and even smaller forms of entertainment like movie theaters, bars and night clubs, bowling alleys, laser tag, and even food videos.”