Takedown of the week

Takedown of the week goes to this exchange which started with a column by student Isaac Doel in the Times arguing it was wrong for Labour to scrap university tuition fees.

Which prompted this reply from Evolve Politics, a left wing media outlet, pointing out where Doel went to school.

And just when you thought he had the perfect response …

… This happened.


In the interests of balance and all that, he later said this. But we can’t help but feel that people had moved on by then.

‘Wow,’ said Redditor redwhale335. ‘It takes a lot of chutzpah to argue that poor people shouldn’t get free college after you got free college because you were a poor person.

‘EDIT: Yes. I get it. He is referring to the UK system of education, and he got a scholarship to a swanky high school, not college. He still is arguing against scrapping tuition fees. What he’s saying is still indicative of the mindset that I was commenting on.’


Comeback of the week

Source Reddit u/ccinoslinger