People are sharing the lies they were told growing up – 23 most relatable porkies

It all began when Redditor KnickerWolves asked this.

“Millennials of Reddit, what lie were you told growing up?”

And the porkies came in thick and fast (and not just from millennials, by the looks of it).

We’re read them all – well, quite a lot of them – and here are 23 of the most relatable. Which ones were you told as a kid?


‘That turning on the lights in the car is illegal’

‘Ah, my parents would act like armageddon was imminent when someone had to turn on the dome light when I was little. Now they sit in the passenger seat while I’m driving at night and look at their phones with the screen brightness turned all the way up.’


“You’ll regret spending so much time on that computer when you’re older.”



“You won’t have a calculator everywhere you go.”

‘Guess what Mrs. Diaz, I have a portable computer with access to the internet that fits in the palm of my hand.’


‘That if I don’t have my life figured out by the time I’m 25 then I have some serious problems.’


‘That I would need and use cursive.’


‘Money doesn’t buy happiness. Sorry folks. But in the world I’m currently living in, it absolutely does.’


“It will all make sense when you’re older.” Fuck that, everything makes even less sense. Now I’m older and expected to be independent and STILL don’t understand half the shit I need to accomplish that successfully.’


‘So many movies growing up have people going to college, finishing at like 21, and already being engaged and married immediately after. Then within like 2 years of working they’re already buying a house with like 3 kids by 25.

‘Like Jesus Christ I’m 26 and just got engaged, only now getting a career in my field, and I’m still living at my parents after living away for like a year. Everything’s just so damn expensive and there’s just no money to be found. I can’t imagine raising kids yet.’


‘TV always told me pouring a capful of any bubble bath will give me a whole tub of large bubbles. I haven’t found a soap that does that even with like half the bottle used.’


‘Never give out your personal information online. Now that’s all the internet is. Everyone’s personal information.’


‘Don’t go into x y or z for the money, you’ll end up hating it.

‘The only reason I’m even considering career fields is for money. Bonus points if it’s interesting, but literally everything gets reduced to a puddle of suck once you start doing it 40 hours per week.

‘I would love to be the delusional sunshine day dream asshole who comes to work because he likes it, but that just isn’t me. Pay me well and I will perform slightly better than average work, and whisper sweet nothing since my ear and I might even stay a little longer than necessary sometimes. But make no mistake. I am only in it for the money. Once that’s gone, so am I.’


‘Everyone in here is forgetting that WE WERE SUPPOSED TO HAVE FLYING CARS BY NOW!’