These homemade shower settings are highly relatable

A Reddit user named u/TerpinOne has shared a photo of the diagram their fiancé made to explain the settings on the shower in their AirBnB.

In case that’s not clear, it says this –

1. Everest Mountain Cold
2. The Alps Cold
3. Big Bear Cold
4. Freezer Cold
5. Cold tile Cold
6. Erected Nipple Cold
7. Brimstone Heat
8. Hellfire Heat
9. Brutal Sun Heat
10. Supernova Heat

We love how it goes from ‘Erected [sic] Nipple Cold’ to ‘Brimstone Heat’ with no nuance whatsoever. Highly relatable.

Other Redditors loved the diagram, too.

Considerate, creative, and funny.

Your fiancé is a keeper.

OMG!!! I love this!!!! My house is old and I have this very same problem without the cool and handy guide!!

I wish to bathe in hellfire, please.

Remember kids, erect nipples lead directly to fire and brimstone. You have been warned.

I’d leave it for the owner to see too lol.

And this is exactly why a gentleman must always have a protractor on hand.

Pretty much my experience with any AirBnB shower…some of the new ones are escape room type puzzles.

How in the heck does the last one not say “You-Hot”?

Your partner is a rookie.

Someone had their own version of ‘hot’ to share.

You forgot my wife’s setting “melts paint off bathroom walls”

They might want to consider tiling.


‘My shower control’ is the most relatable thing we’ve seen this week

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