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It took 2 years to make this LEGO jeep – and moments to destroy it

It took Simon Blackburn, Kevin Hyatt, and Colin Smithson of the Sheffield LEGO User Group two years and more than 120,000 bricks to create this amazing LEGO Jeep.



It took mere moments to destroy it.

from Facepalm GIFs via Gfycat

Luckily, it had already been a star exhibit at the Bricktastic LEGO event in Manchester, helping to raise funds for Fairy Bricks, which donates LEGO sets to children in hospital.

Here’s what Facebook users had to say about it.

Oh!…. Kevin Hyatt the suspense was almost unbearable…. what a shame. 🙁
Morven Neilson

You could see it coming…. But you still hold your breath and hope it holds.
Ulrike Puckering

Oh gawd, I could barely watch!!! What a shame. Looked amazing though.
Lindsey Waterson

Oh no… What a shame .. I think I would have cried!!!
Lynn Smith

Denise Blakeway-Guest looked on the bright side.

Oh no what a shame at least it means you can build something else.

Maybe don’t climb on the next one though, eh?

You can follow the group on Facebook and Twitter, if you want to see what they break build next,


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Source Sheffield LEGO Users Group Image Screengrab