‘The Guy Who Decides’ takes a hilarious swing at golf

Nobody explains things quite like Jimmy Rees’ ‘Guy Who Decides’, and he does it by highlighting every absurd thing about – well, anything and everything.

Previous sketches from The Guy Who Decides have covered packaging, school holidays and recycling, but his latest tackles that great sporting room splitter – golf.

Words can have two meanings, like spanner.

It’s a tool for shifting bolts, but also what you are.

Poor Jason. Here are some of our favourite things YouTube users had to say about it.

Never understood it. Hit the ball as far away from as you can then chase after it only to hit it away again. All the floggers err golfers I know come back frustrated as anything after a game.

Now I can imagine The Guy stomping his way around a golf course with a cocktail and Jason lugging a golf bag being a good caddy.
Fiona Davey

Hahahaha you’re a genius! 🤜🏼💥🤛🏻
Edy Bourke

Literally just got back a few hours ago from carrying a bag of sticks and flogging a ball around a suburb. Thorough enjoyment, just like this video.
Anthony David

Omg, yes Jason, it’s a boring game. Very funny.😂😂😂👍
Jennifer Robertson

miki jovanovic had an observation.

So you’re telling us LinkedIn was invented before baseball.

And now we want to hear what The Guy Who Decides has to say about LinkedIn.

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People are relating hard with The Guy Who Decides School Holidays

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