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This woman’s hilariously outrageous Tinder demands got exactly the responses they deserved

It’s only natural on Tinder that you should try to be upfront about the sort of people you’re looking to meet, otherwise you’re in danger of wasting everybody’s time.

But this particular person’s list of demands might be taking that idea just a little bit too far because, well, look.

It’s just gone viral on Reddit and got exactly the responses it deserved.

‘I was doing so well until I got to 6’4.’

‘I am sure all six men in her dating pool are jumping at the chance to get with her.’

‘5 minute miles is absolutely fucking insane lol world record is like 3:43 and honestly anything under 7’ is a really fast mile already.’

‘Not accepting questions? That’s the weirdest part, I think.’

‘This girl wants superman … but superman isn’t rich sooo Bruce Wayne ?? Batman where you at bro.’

‘Batman is 6’2 according to DC. Sorry, Bruce. She’s out of your league. Just stay with the Justice League.’

To conclude …

‘Chill y’all, it’s just a job application….to the worst job in the world 😭’


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Source Reddit u/Megamax34