This influencer paid a stranger to go to Paris to buy him a baguette – nice work if you can get it

Influencer and content creator Jimmy Donaldson isn’t quite a household name, but you’re probably a lot more famiiar with his professional name – Mr Beast.

His YouTube channel is the fourth most popular by subscription numbers, and he has raised millions of dollars for ocean clean-up charities, and given away vast sums of money to other charities or individuals.

Here are a couple of his posts that have previously gone viral.

Trying the world’s most dangerous fruit

@mrbeast Would you try this fruit? #monstera #fruit ♬ original sound – MrBeast

Challenging the Rock to play Rock, paper, scissors

@mrbeast Surprised he didn’t pick rock every time #mrbeastvstherock ♬ original sound – MrBeast

In a recent TikTok, Mr Beast offered someone $300 (plus expenses) to fly to Paris and buy him a baguette. The man accepted.

@mrbeast Bro really went to Paris and back 💀 #paris #baguette #eiffeltower ♬ original sound – MrBeast

That was a lot more than $300. We’d like half his luck, please and thank you.

He asked his followers for help.

This was one suggestion –

For $300 and a plane ticket, I’ll happily hop on a plane to the US with a box of PG Tips.

Ryanair landed in his mentions.

D’you know – something tells us Mr. Beast isn’t particularly worried about saving money.


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