Brian Cox had the best response to suggestions that aliens are invading

That spate of balloons turning up unannounced and unidentified over parts of North America have got people wondering whether aliens have invaded.

Strictly speaking they are UFOs, just not necessarily that sort of UFO.

The Pentagon only added to the speculation when the United States’ finest military brains refused to rule out they were indeed alien encounters.

Here’s what our favourite DJ Shaun Keaveny made of the whole thing so far.

We mention it because it prompted this response from Keaveny regular (and our favourite big brain) Professor Brian Cox, which is surely the only last word anyone needs on the subject.


Until it turns out they actually are aliens, obviously.

And it’s not the first time we’ve had reason to love Brian Cox on Twitter, including this response to a story about a Russian super-yacht’s ‘infinite’ wine cellar.

And also when he tweeted this!

Source Twitter @ProfBrianCox Image Unsplash