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The owner of this Airbnb went a bit overboard with the instructions

Let’s face it – renting an Airbnb is a bit of a lottery.

You might get a beautiful space that’s like a home from home, but it could also be dirty, much smaller than described, too noisy to sleep in – which ,ight also, technically make it a home from home, to be fair.

In some places, there are a lot of really unreasonable rules.

A TikTok walk-through of an Airbnb in Montauk, New York has gone viral because of how the owner has made sure guests don’t miss their detailed instructions, which some have been saying fall into that last category.

@airbnbhorrorstory No smoking. Okay. I get that. And maybe the toilet. I get weak pipes. But the rest are a little insane. #airbnbtiktok #airbnbhost #airbnbexperience #airbnb #travel #traveltiktok #fyp #holiday #beach #vacation #weekendgetaway #airbnbnightmare ♬ original sound – Airbnb Horror Story 🩸

Let’s take a closer look at a couple of those instructions.

“Anywhere you literally go, there’s some sign.”

Here’s how TikTok users reacted.

We are back to hotels in 2023 right? all in agreement?

“Bed collapses after 7.5 hours of sleep. Please do not excessively rest”

You know there’s cameras in this one.

Don’t wear your feet in the house.

If they are going to be so damm picky why have an Airbnb.

The amount of cologne that I would’ve worn during my stay.
Lance Livingston

“To prevent wrinkling of sheets do not roll over while sleeping. the bed will eject you out the window after 30 seconds of side sleep”.

I know Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter owns this place. That’s rules on top of rules, get out!

The creator, Aibnb Horror Story had this advice for the Airbnb crowd.

People honestly need to rate these places accurately. Don’t even talk to the host. Just rate it honestly.


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