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Rishi Sunak said NHS waiting lists were coming down and Beth Rigby’s comeback was simply brutal

There’s still three weeks to go until polling day and it makes you wonder just how much worse the election campaign can get for Rishi Sunak.

Here’s how bad it got on Wednesday night when he appeared with Beth Rigby on a Sky News leader election special, and just as you’d expect (and hope), Rigby really wasn’t messing around.

In particular when Sunak insisted that he was delivering on his pledge to bring NHS waiting lists down.

First of all he tried to blame NHS staff for going on strike (bad idea, it turned out) then he just tried to obfuscate. And Rigby wasn’t having any of it.


And it didn’t get any better for Sunak, especially when Rigby did this, earning the biggest round of applause of the night.

To conclude …

And this, very much this.


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