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This comedian has found a song lyric that reveals if you’re a millennial, Gen Z or, erm, a boomer

Few things will age you quicker than your taste in music.

Grampa Simpson was onto something when he delivered this immortal response about changing tastes in music and trends to a young Homer.

Now, comedian Tess Tregellas has found what she thinks is another sure-fire way for someone to show your age.

In her set, Tess sings a snippet of “Hey now…” as a call-and-response prompt to her audience and waits to see what the different punters sing back.

And Tess argues that she knows what generation you’re from, depending on what a person instinctively sings back.

According to Tess, if you sing, ‘Hey now, you’re a rock star’, you’re a millennial and you know the Smashmouth song from the Shrek soundtrack. Or you may be a millennial ‘cusper’ who thinks it’s ‘Hey Now, Hey Now’ (What Dreams Are Made Of) by Hilary Duff from The Lizzie McGuire Movie

If you have no response at all, then you’re Gen Z.

And if you sang back, ‘Hey now, hey now, don’t dream it’s over’ (Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House), then apparently you’re a boomer.

As with most generational disputes, there were some strong reactions to Tess’s argument, especially from Gen X.


“NO! Hey now, you’re an all star is not from Shrek! Millenials know it to be before Shrek when the Smashmouth video would play on MTV and VH1!! People knowing it from Shrek are Gen Z ”


“Hey hey now don’t dream it’s over. Doesn’t make you boomer, it makes you GenX. Boomers are 70 and 80 years old.”


“The crowded house song is elder millennial/xennial/Gen X, most definitely NOT boomer ”


“Hear that gen x, you’re bloomers now ”


“Hilarious, but a Boomer would say “Hey now, I want a girl with a record machine”, in the 1964 song “Hey now” by Lesley Gore.”


“Allstar in not Shrek, its Rat Race”


“Why did my brain say Delilah that’s not even the right lyrics lol”


“Me a person of culture who thought of both”


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