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‘Still the greatest answer of all time on TV’

This classic beauty queen Q&A has just gone viral – and we mean wildly viral – on Twitter and it’s well worth a minute or so of your time.

It’s from back in the day – 2007, to be precise – and Miss South Carolina Teen USA (how was/is this a thing?) Caite Upton and it’s fair to say her answer didn’t go entirely to plan.

The excruciating exchange went back into orbit after it was shared by the Twitter account @historyinmemes and, well, best have a watch for yourself.

Mega ooooof.

Not actually a Q&A, but this one – shared by one of the many, many replies – was pretty good too.

And if it’s got you in the mood for a bit of a deep dive – well, deepish – into what happened next, go here!

Source @historyinmemes