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England have been mercilessly trolled at the Euros but no-one was more savage than Ryanair

It’s been a story of two halves for England at the Euros in Germany. On the upside, they qualified for the last 16 top of the group.

On the downside, they’ve only managed to score two goals in three deeply dispiriting performances which fell some way short of the sum of their individual talents.

It prompted no end of merciless (and very funny) trolling as you might imagine, the funniest of which we rounded up over here.

Like this.

And this.

And indeed this.

But surely no-one was more savage than Ryanair, whose brutal takedown was simply first class.

Took the trolling to new heights.


The England match may not have set the Euros alight, but the jokes were top of the league – 28 clear winners

Source @Ryanair