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There’s not enough facepalm in the world for this Christian bigot’s question

It can be really stressful when a neighbour is problematic. They might play loud music at all hours of the day and night, have out-of-control dogs, let their mess spill onto your property …so many things.

Over on Reddit’s r/Facepalm forum, Tacocat shared a screenshot of this question someone posted about the trouble they were having with a neighbour.

Brace yourself.

Never mind ‘Can I be held liable?’, what about ‘Am I the asshole?’ – and the answer would be YES!

Putting a statue on own property vs altering said statue to fit own beliefs even though its not yours or on your property.

Who was the aggressive one here?

Aggressively Buddhist cracks me up. And could even, possibly, be the replacement for my old band name ‘Smiling Politely’.

This aggressive zen dude once meditated me to submission.

If I was the neighbor I’d get to work on a much bigger Buddha statue.

I like the “My kids see it every day” part.

Letting it sound like Buddha stands for some kind of porn that the kids are now exposed to.

He’s sitting there with his nipples out like it’s a damn nudist colony!

So you want to christianize a Buddha statue and you’re the one who thinks your neighbor is “aggressively” religious?

If the mere sight of a Buddhist statue makes you uneasy, perhaps your own faith needs strengthening. This should not feel so threatening to you.

Around Christmas those stupid light up plastic nativity scenes are a dime a dozen. Hypocrisy out the ass.

As long as you’re cool with your other neighbor placing a witches hat on your statue of the blessed mother then I say go for it

Her children can see it?! She better do something before it turns them into trans, gay, commie, soy eating, latte drinking, Biden voting, Satanists.

Good_Zooger had a word of warning for the alleged Christian.

You can be held liable for being an asshole.


The takedown of this Christian who is against gay marriage is simple but brutally effective (if only he realised it)

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