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The takedown of these alpha males who can’t find a woman ‘worthy’ of being their wife is a simply magnificent watch

Early days we know but leading contender for takedown of the week is surely this, a guy – well, two guys – keen on explaining just why they can’t find a woman worthy of being their wife.

The clip, featuring H3 podcast host Ethan Klein talking to manosphere podcasters Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes – what do you mean you’re not a subscriber? – just went viral on Reddit and it’s a minute and a bit very well spent.

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And here it is again just in case that’s tricky to watch.

Toxic jackass schooled on his own inability to find a wife
byu/GarysCrispLettuce inTikTokCringe


And here are our favourite things people said about it.

‘It’s so funny when someone exits an echo chamber, then is baffled by reasoned arguments against their “talking points.” Of course, this is a short, so I don’t know if that changed later. But I suspect he just doubled, doubled, doubled down.’

“Oh no, you’re upset at the people you specifically sought out to be disappointed by”

“Ugh! All bitches like men for is money!”

/tucks another 20 into the strippers thong, checks messages to see if dinner with the fellas at Hooters is still on.’

‘The second he said “worthy” I was filled with gratitude that he isn’t procreating.’

“You want me to say it again slower?” LMAO.’

‘That BURN is so fire I got 3rd degree burns and need a skin graft.’


Source TikTok @h3podcastdailyclips Reddit u/GarysCrispLettuce