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Someone recorded the speed of an aeroplane at take-off and it’s blowing our tiny minds

The r/Damnthatsinteresting subreddit is a home for ‘the most interesting things on the internet’. Of course, not everybody is ever going to agree on which things are the most interesting, because – let’s face it – some people collect stamps, old jam jars and football stickers, while others are subscribed to a podcast about flies. Or so we’ve heard.


Someone named LazyRaichu36 shared this clip of an aeroplane passenger tracking the speed of the plane as it takes off. We can’t guarantee it’s accurate, but it certainly held our attention.

Real-time speed of an airplane take off
byu/Lazy_raichu36 inDamnthatsinteresting

With 69,000 upvotes and nearly 2000 comments in a day, it seems Redditors really did find it interesting.

I can imagine some concerned neighbors seeing a guy holding a phone with some kind of counter.

It’s late and I got very concerned there for a minute until I saw the kph instead of mph.

I know it’s just science and shit but somehow it’s still absolutely mindblowing that such a massive plane can actually just fly.

I fly the damn things, know the theory behind it, and, to be, it’s still magic how this thing gets of the ground.

I was kinda expecting something to happen at 88.

Is this in Kilometers per Hour, or US Freedom Eagle Screams per Patriot Clench?

15-20 years ago cabin staff would lose their shit if so much as had one of those butt-plug mp3 players turned on during take-off. How the times have changed.

I would like to take this time to point out that in Toy Story 2, Bullseye the horse catches up with and keeps the pace of a 747 that is taking off down the runway. He only stops chasing after the planes wheels are off the ground.

So this 10 inch tall horse is running some 250+ mph with Buzz Lightyear on his back. To catch Woody AND Jessie jumping from the landing gear.

And then the toys steal a baggage cart to make it home.

Bullseye could have gotten them home much faster but the baggage cart looked fun.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Americans: WTF is a kilometer???

And I get a speeding ticket for going 60.

Beginning-Dark17 had a story about a first-time flier.

I was flying middle seat next to a middle aged woman sitting at the window. She said it was her first time flying.

For 99% of the flight, she was relaxed, calm, and curious about what was happening within the plane and outside the window. Then moments before touchdown, when the marked lines appeared, she finally got a visual reference for just how fast we were going.

She jerked away from the window and stared at me like “omg are we going to die” moments before a lovely and smooth touchdown. Then she relaxed and realized it was all normal. It was such a distinct look on her face lol.


Everyone’s watching planes try to land in Storm Eunice at Heathrow and it’s gripping and terrifying stuff

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