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Can you pass our exclusive History GCSE paper? Show your workings

Thought you’d left test papers behind for good? Think again.

It’s GCSE time, so we’ve put together a History paper for you to have a bash at. The only revision you need is to have been born more than a certain amount of years ago.

Will you be top of the class or barely scrape a pass?

GCSE History

1. Identify this ancient artefact. (car window winder) [3 marks]

2. Name this historical figure. (Clippy the Windows assistant) [2 marks]

3. Complete the sentence:

My love has got no money, he's got his...

a) trampoline
b) strong beliefs
c) trombolese
[1 mark]

4. What is the connection between these two objects?
(A cassette tape and a pencil)
[3 marks]

5. Which of the following were extreme fears experienced
by teenagers in the late 1990s?

a) Answering a phone and not knowing who was
b) Telephoning a crush and having their crush's
parent answer.
c) A DJ talking over the end of the song they were
trying to record from the radio.
d) All of the above.
[2 marks]

6. If dropped on your foot, which one of these would
be more likely to break a bone?
a) (A Nokia 3310)
b) (A brick)
[2 marks]

7. Which of these out of date relics produced one of the
most annoying sounds ever known to mankind?
a) (Dial-up download progress image)
b) (A fax machine)
c) (Right Said Fred)
[1 mark]

8. In the olden days, why would a person phone the
number 123?
[3 marks]

9. Name these iconic TV presenting legends.
a) (Edd the Duck)
b) (Gordon the Gopher)
c) (Zig and Zag)
[6 marks]

10. What effect did this beverage have on many teenagers in the late 1900s? (A bottle of MD 20/20, also known as Mad Dog)
a) It got them very twatted.
b) It got them very pissed.
c) It got them very wasted.
d) All of the above.
[2 marks]

We shared it on Facebook, where these entrants left us some feedback.

Boomers and early stage gen x would probably be okay with our entire education system being replaced with this.
Dave Witham

Bloody Microsoft helper! Arghh!
Noah Fagan

Worrying when ancient history is after your time.
Charles Bonnard

I know number 3! It’s trombolese obviously.
Sally Tilley

Full marks…


Vincent Tan

I am a genius.
Caroline Hutchinson

To question #4 – had an aged uncle who used to dig his ear with the pointed end of the pencil while listening to a cassette deck. Suffice to say, it was HIS pencil, because there was more than lead on the nib!
Does that get a check?

Sivs Sundaraj

Full marks from this relic!
Hazel Crompton

I had Nirvana unplugged in New York on cassette. It got so tangled a pencil alone couldn’t fix it. Somehow my dad managed to get the entire reel of tape out and wind into a new cassette case. And it worked.
Helen Cartlidge

Finally got an A* in History.
Sam Gould

Oh this is brilliant. 100% obviously.
Caroline McGovern

That’s funny.
Anita Thompson

If you’re 25 or older, look away now.

We’re historical, because we were born in the late 1900s.
Sarah Sprason

Let us know how you did.


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