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Faces are being palmed at this American’s baffling complaint about buying a coffee in England

A visit to Europe seems to be a massive culture shock for many Americans – certainly the ones with social media accounts, at any rate. Here’s American tourist pertinence_ failing to understand what taps are for.


Get me back to the us of a this instant

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Although the alleged lack of drinking water is a recurring theme, this American’s complaint was about buying coffee in England.

Let’s hear what went wrong for her.

@aliciamaeholloway We do not drink coffee with whip cream and drink it out of a bowl #american #americanintheuk #coffee #americancoffee #uk #americanineurope #madrid #coffee #icecoffee #americancoffee #nyc #newyorkcoffee ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

We suspect that can best be summed up by the alleged George Bernard Shaw quote “England and America are two countries separated by the same language.”

TikTok users agreed.

So….the problem is that YOU call milk cream.
Sonia P12

Maybe just MAYBE you are saying it wrong?? America is not the whole world.

I beg your finest pardon, so you’re telling me that in my 42 years of life I never realised when Americans say they want cream in coffee it’s actually milk!? I thought they added pouring cream!

When I was in London, I asked for a burger with cheese. I was shocked when they bought me a Cheeseburger and not an egg. Didn’t think I’d get what I asked for either.

What does regular coffee even mean? Do you want espresso, filter coffee, instant coffee, Greek coffee??
Marcos Tsavaris

The very funny English TikTokker Jack Knightley stitched the video with a helpful explanation for Alicia Mae.

@jackknightley Interesting cultural difference #coffee #americans ♬ original sound – SirJackKnightley

More information emerged in the comments.

So she knew that we refer to milk, as milk. but made the conscious decision to say cream.. then complained about it like its our fault??
King Ramses

No in America cream is half and half.. not milk lol she doesn’t even know what she means

Also, in Europe, coffee is a caffeinated hot drink. In America/Starbucks, they are coffee deserts.
Anastasia Beaverhausen

I’m American and have never called milk cream.

Why is ordering something OFF THE MENU so impossible?

Joe had a suggestion.

She should go to Peckham and ask strangers if they’ve got beef.

Hmmmm, maybe not.


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