The patience of this hotel receptionist in the face of extraordinary ignorance is next-level stuff

It’s naturally irritating – not to say, downright infuriating – when you make a hotel booking and it doesn’t work out the way it should.

But any initial sympathy you might have for this guy whose reservation hasn’t gone entirely smoothly will rapidly drain away because, well, have a watch for yourself.

The video was originally posed by @localtumbleweed on TikTok and has just gone wildly viral on Reddit after it was shared by IdkHowToDie who said: ‘The sheer stupidity of people is insane!’

And here are our favourite things people said about it.

‘Your two kids can share the pullout bed, problem solved. What an ass.’

‘Oddly satisfying when he starts arguing with the bystander and she finally says “Okay, I think we’ll just cancel your reservation.”

‘Customers are often allowed to behave badly towards staff, but once they do it to other customers… see ya!’

‘Did this muppet not realise the pull out sofa would easily sleep two kids? What on earth was his issue besides a chronic lack of IQ?’

‘When he suggests he takes a room from someone who hasn’t booked in yet! I work in an industry dealing with the public and anyone who thinks a company is going to offer that as a solution is mad.

“Sir I have one pissed off customer…! If I take someone else’s room I’ll have two pissed off customers…….why in the name of all things holy would I do that?”

‘I’m screaming there’s 2 beds!’

‘But what are they supposed to DO?!?’

‘She is very good at her job.

‘I’m not sure how he is able to tie his shoes on his own.’

‘Correct response when asked “Do you expect me to sleep in the car?”, is to remind him that parking is for guests only.’

‘Dude would have exploded, but yes.’

We’re with this person.

‘Iron clad patience. Stellar employee. If i had it my way she’d get a raise and a car.’


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Source TikTok @localtumbleweed Reddit u/IdkHowToDie