Weird World takedowns

This woman’s takedown of a troublesome pest trying to send her explicit pictures was simply magnificent

Early days we know but we already have a hot contender for takedown of the week.

It’s this woman – @SallyAnn_Spence over on Twitter – who shared a screenshot of her exchange with a guy offering to send her a video of what she makes him feel.

But before you spend too long thinking about what exactly what that might entail, enjoy what Sally had to say in response.

And here it is again, just in case that’s tricky to read in full.


Just in case you were wondering exactly what it is that @SallyAnn_Spence does, here’s what she says on her Twitter bio.

‘I do #SciComm #STEM Presenter & public speaker. Passionate about DUNG BEETLES/Natural History/Agriculture/Archaeology/ Researcher & Founder @DungBeetleFarms’

Couldn’t be more perfect, basically. And here’s just a bit of the love people had for it.

Source @SallyAnn_Spence