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The intro to this article about ‘age gap’ relationships went wildly viral and it’s not even the half of it

The rather bizarre intro to this article about age gap relationships sent it wildly viral on Twitter but for those people who could manage to read a little further, it turned out it wasn’t even the half of it.

It’s a piece from New York magazine’s The Cut highlighted by @christapeterso who was unsure why anyone would read any further because, well, look.

Here it is again, just in case it’s tricky to read in full.

But for anyone who did take the deep dive into it – you can find the whole thing (free for a limited time) here – it was quite the ride.

There was this, for example.

And this.

And this!

And so much more we don’t have the space for right now. Instead, enjoy our favourite things people said about it.

To conclude …

Source @christapeterso Image Pexels Amaury Michaux