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An American business owner on LinkedIn shared what his marriage proposal taught him about B2B sales and it just gets better and better

The only time we go on LinkedIn is to unsubscribe from getting emails about LinkedIn but if it’s full of this sort of content then we might be missing a trick.

It’s a guy who proposed to his girlfriend – ahhh – who then shared what his proposal taught him about B2B sales. Aarrrgh!

Now there’s always the distinct possibility that this is deep cover – surely it is! – but it’s a very funny read either way (with wildly varying amounts of facepalm).

Here’s how it first went viral on Twitter.

And there’s more – lots more – where that came from.

And here are just a few of the many responses it prompted.

We took a deep breath and took a deep(ish) dive into the responses. Here’s what Corporate Sween had to say.

You’re lucky that you’re the owner. If you were on my team I would fire you for the following reasons:

1) No one on my team is allowed to get married. This helps decrease the chances of people taking maternity or paternity leave.

2) You clearly took a vacation to execute this proposal which shows your head is not in the right place. No one on my team takes days off.

3) You’re based in Santa Monica. I don’t allow west coast based workers on my team as California recently passed legislation that legally requires employers to give 40 hours of sick leave a year.

Best of luck with it.


And what the original poster, Bryan Shankman said in response .

‘I would like to hire you as CEO of SuperSeller. I need this type of hard-nosed management to keep me on track. Will fax over the contract.’

Probably best not to take it too seriously, then. Isn’t it?


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