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People have been sharing the funniest jokes to say to an anaesthetist before you pass out and this gag was the clear winner

Over in the wonderful world of Reddit people have been sharing the funniest jokes to say to an anaesthetist before you pass out after BatPro asked this.

‘What would be a hilarious thing to say to a surgeon before the anesthesia kicks in 5 seconds later?’

And it prompted lots of funny jokes and real-life tales …

‘I was about to have a bowel resection and told the surgeon that he only had my permission to take enough to make ONE bratwurst. I also told him that I’d deliberately let my 6-pack abs atrophy so it’d be a bit easier for him to cut through.’

‘My mom said she dated you in college and that you’re my …’

‘This isn’t the first time I’ve had a room full of people inside of me.’

‘Apparently “don’t worry I’m not embarrassed cause I’m a porn star”

‘I have no memory of saying this, but apparently I did right before I went out cold for my testicular torsion surgery

‘I was greeted with “good morning porn star!” when the doctor went rounds the next morning.’

‘No joke, they told me to start counting down from 100 and I said “How can you tell when I’m…” I wanted to say unconscious, but I don’t remember getting to that word.’

‘I was getting the shock treatment for an irregular heartbeat, and after they gave me the shot, my doctor asked me some out of left field, stupid question.

‘I didn’t answer the question, but said something to the effect of, “that sounds like a stupid question to distract me until the meds knock me out.”

‘All the medical people in the room started laughing hysterically.

‘Afterwards I found out that he uses that same question every time, and one of them had just asked him why he uses that same question before I was brought into the room. He said because it was a good question that makes people think and doing so distracts them until the meds take effect.’

‘Before my vasectomy I told my doctor, “don’t go nuts down there.”

… but surely none – absolutely none! – beat this.

‘I asked my surgical team if anyone needed anything while I was out.’


‘This has been my favourite one so far. You gave me a good chuckle.’

Not everyone approved.

‘The problem is, the surgical team has heard it before.’

But they were in a world of wrong.

‘I didn’t say it to make them laugh, I said it to make myself laugh before my first ever (major) surgery. So mission accomplished. God forbid someone hear a joke more than once lol.’

Source Reddit u/BatPro