Weird World facepalm football

These football fans arguing what ‘top half’ means is a great example of the awfulness of arguing with stupid people

Here’s a welcome diversion from people arguing about politics, it’s people – specifically, football fans – arguing over exactly what constitutes the ‘top half’ of the table. A 20-team table.

And while you might think it is surely an open and shut case, this is one lid that resolutely refuses to stay closed.

It went viral after it was shared by @matttomic over on Twitter and it’s quite the read.

And here it is in full!

It didn’t end there.

And it didn’t end there either!

Extraordinary scenes! If we read much more of this we’re going to start doubting ourselves (and we realise there’s always the possibility it’s just a colossal wind-up and yet ….)

Ah, yes! Just in case you need a reminder of that all-time classic …



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Source @matttomic