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Roy Keane’s hilarious rant about sports masseurs getting too big for their boots is a classic of the genre

Gary Neville‘s YouTube channel The Overlap is home to Stick to Football – one of the best football-themed podcasts out there. We see you, That Peter Crouch Podcast and The Rest is Football.

The podcast features Neville, obviously, with Jamie Carragher, Roy Keane, Ian Wright, Jill Scott and special guests. The latest episode saw the always forthright Roy Keane having a go at sports masseurs who get too big for their (non-football) boots, and it’s peak Keane.

Here’s a sample.

@wearetheoverlap "You can not be ready to go to battle!" If you're a masseuse look away now… #roykeane #ianwrigh #massages #sticktofootball ♬ original sound – The Overlap

“And then they’d be wearing their headphones as if they were like players …all the trendy gear.


Ian Wright should never take a mouthful of his drink while Roy Keane is talking. Far too much of a spit hazard.

TikTok users, including Ian himself, left comments.

Ian Wright

Roy needs a solo podcast “what’s pissing me off this week”
Crispy WonTon

Football’s very own Karl Pilkington.
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As a Liverpool fan I used to hate Roy Keane. Hated him with a passion. But by God as I’ve gotten older this man just speaks the truth.

Best episode ever tonight. Laughed from start to finish.

The Overlap posted it to Twitter/X, too, with a warning for anyone in the massage game.

It got a lot more love.










Here’s why you should watch the full episode.

You can do that here, or listen to it wherever you usually get your podcasts.


Dynamo’s magic trick was already amazing but Roy Keane’s magnificently on-brand response took it to the next level

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