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If you’ve ever wondered how to make the perfect cup of Irish tea, Garron Noone’s definitive tutorial is just what you need

Many people first spotted the very funny Irish singer and comedian Garron Noone when his rant about tea in a can went viral.

Here’s how that went.

@garron_music #irish #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Garron Noone

He’s a man who truly values a high-quality cuppa, so it’s only fitting that he’s now shared a tutorial on how to make the perfect cup of Irish tea.

@garron_music #irish #fyp #xyzcba #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Garron Noone

While not everybody will agree with him on the choice of tea bag, or even the amount of milk, they couldn’t fault the performance.

The fancy Le Creuset mugs has me shook. I’d have had you down as someone with a load of mugs that came free with Easter eggs. And maybe a Sports Direct mug.

Quality over quantity, except when it comes to my tiktoks
Garron Noone

Life Advice by Garron “If you’re having more than 3 people over for tea, you’re trusting too many people.” Needs to be in a book!

This wisdom, “keep your circle small and your cups quality..” Underrated. I needed this today.

Barry’s vs Yorkshire Gold?? I need a comparison!

I won’t endanger my health by drinking anything else.
Garron Noone

“I don’t want to see a cow out of a job”. I never know what you’ll say next but I love it all!

We’d fully support Sorcha Ní Nia if she turned this suggestion into a campaign.

Perhaps these people would give it their backing, too.










In aid of the Drink Tea for MND (Motor Neurone Disease) campaign and, of course, to help us all identify a decent cup of tea, Garron rated a few examples.

@garron_music Rating your tea for IMNDA . Find out how to get involved by clicking the link tree link in my bio #fyp #xyzcba #irish #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Garron Noone

If you’d like to donate to Drink Tea for MND, you can do that here. And of course, follow Garron – he’s delicious.


We regret to inform you that air fryer tea is a thing – but Garron Noone’s hilarious response makes it worthwhile

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