David Cameron Demanding To Know Who Put Cling Film Over His Toilet

Prank News: The Prime Minister is said to be threatening to dissolve the coalition government unless the prankster who put cling film over his toilet comes forward.


David Cameron was said to be ‘furious’ this morning after ‘someone with high levels of access to Downing Street bathrooms’ put cling film over his toilet as part of an April Fool’s prank, causing the PM to splash hot piss all over the walls and floor of his bathroom and ruining several copies of Best of British magazine.

“I’m serious about this,” a red-faced Cameron reportedly told gathered staff at Downing Street this morning. “If whoever pranked me doesn’t come forward now, you’ll all be looking for new jobs by this afternoon.”

Cameron insists that if the culprit makes themselves known by midday, no further action will be taken.

“Admit it now and we’ll deal with it in the traditional Eton way,” said the PM. “With a stern telling off and a solid birching across the bottom in the library.”