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Wrexham AFC’s new ad ramped up the star quality with a back-of-the-net performance from Sir Anthony Hopkins

As if Wrexham AFC didn’t already have enough star power with celebrity owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElenney, their latest advert features acting – and Welsh – royalty, in the form of Sir Anthony Hopkins.

@wrexham_afc Another timeless character brought to life through the sheer brilliance of @AnthonyHopkins (and @stokcoldbrew). #WxmAFC ♬ original sound – Wrexham AFC

“To act is to deceive. And to deceive one must forget oneself. Every metamorphosis is demanding but to become this beast, well, that requires a little extra kick.”

It may not be a coincidence that Sir Anthony is Rob McElhenney’s Mythic Quest co-star. However they got him to do it, he just raised the profile of mascot Wrex The Dragon by about a million per cent.

Here’s TikTok’s verdict.

Whatever Sir Anthony Hopkins is selling, I’m buying!!
Carrie G

He’ll never be able to show his face in Port Tallbot after this! Helping support a soccer team is almost illegal in Wales, Land of Rugby.

How in god’s green earth did you get Anthony Hopkins to make this epic video!? Marketing genius.

Man I might become a Wrexham fan if they got @Anthony Hopkins.

What an icon!

I don’t even like coffee, I’ll try this. Also go dragons!
Anomander Rake

Imagine the mascot taking his head off in front of you & it’s Anthony Hopkins.

OMG this is amazing. You actually got a Sir. FABULOUS.

Welsh legend. now get sir Tom Jones to sing.

This is what Ryan Reynolds said about the marketing coup.

And Rob McElhenney …

Even Sir Anthony shared the ad.

There was much cheering from the stands …well, from Twitter/X.






They’re going to have to invent a new Academy Award category to cover football mascots.

Wrexham’s sponsor STōK Cold Brew, for whom the advert was made, added this.

Your soccer mascot doesn’t need to have a BAFTA, but it does help.

BAFTA? Try BAFTAs, plural – plus Oscars, Emmys and an Olivier Award, to name but a few. Beat that, Gunnersaurus Rex.


We can’t imagine how this ad for a Wrexham AFC vs Manchester United friendly could be any better

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