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Nothing will prepare you for the interior decoration of this ordinary-looking house

For a mere £850,000, you could be the owner of this five-bedroom house in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

Here’s the view from the street.

Fairly unassuming. Even inside, many of the rooms are relatively ordinary, albeit with the odd unusual feature or very bold colour choice.

Then there was the living room. Brace yourself.

Did a cat decorate this room?

The listing turned up on Reddit’s r/SpottedOnRightMove where u/TycoBraheNose described it like this –

Just your regular semi-detached family home… with avocado shag carpet walls?

Reddit users were gobsmacked, but gathered their wits enough to leave these comments.

Imagine having to hoover your walls.

Austin powers lived here.

What was the conversation like that lead up to making a decision like that?

I’m wondering about the poor fitters.

Imagine getting bedbugs …

I also have questions about the pelmet above the patio doors in the dining room area.

What’s your problem with the pelmet? Anyone would think you’d never seen a perfectly normal looking room with a random creepy sheepskin pelmet accent before.

Stroke the furry wall.

A cat would love that because they can scale the walls.

I showed this to my girlfriend and now we are breaking up.

‘I don’t actually mind that’

It’s over.

This actually makes sense to me as a sound dampener. The new library in my hometown has similarly carpeted reading nooks and different sized cutouts in the walls where you can either curl up with a book or gather with a few friends to play board games. They also have a cafe with comfy sofas and rocking chairs by a scenic window, and carpeted play pods for toddlers.

It’s the best library I have ever seen, so I don’t think the carpet here is necessarily crazy.

I’m sure it’s great for sound dampening, that may be what it’s actually for, but bear in mind these people made a pelmet out of sheepskin rugs in their kitchen/diner, lol.

Are we sure that isn’t just a giant mold infestation, or hiding one?…

FOF_Floof suggested an explanation.

Someone misunderstood the term wall-to-wall carpeting.


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