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Stephen Collins’ comic strip hilariously puts a fly on the wall with Liz Truss and her publisher

It’s just two weeks since Biteback, the right-wing publishing company owned by the billionaire Brexiter Michael Ashcroft, revealed the cover of Liz Truss‘s new book, ‘Ten Years to Save the West’.

We’d hardly had a chance to stop laughing before Ms Truss herself revealed the cover aimed at the U.S. market.

Liz Truss tweet. Delighted to unveil the cover for the U.S. edition of my book out on April 16, Ten Years to Save the West: Leading the Revolution Against Globalism, Socialism, and the Liberal Establishment..

Book cover shows her in a red dress, looking forcefully into the camera

If anything, people thought it was worse than the U.K. edition, but only people who aren’t impressed by something that looks like it was knocked up using text boxes in MS Word. (Other word processing programs are available.)

Renowned illustrator and cartoonist Stephen Collins quoted her post with a comic detailing the conversation she might have had with publisher ahead of settling on a name for the book.

Here’s a closer look.

‘The Wokes Are Coming to Kill You’ is definitely in the ballpark of ‘Ten Years to Save the West’ – a fact made all the more impressive when you realise that the strip was in the Guardian in September 2023, long before the book title was made public.

Twitter/X has shown it a lot of love.









It wasn’t just the comedy title that was impressively close to the real thing.

cartoon showing a book much like the uk version

Hugh Brechin had some high praise.

High praise – but deserved.

You can buy that and other prints of Stephen’s work via his website – on a wide range of topics, for those who can’t cope with the thought of giving Liz Truss house space – even in cartoon form.


This poster for the ‘HS2: model railway edition’ is absolutely first class

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