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This Ronaldo fan furious at the BBC’s ‘Misstiano Penaldo’ gag just made the whole thing even funnier

You might have seen by now how Cristiano Ronaldo burst into tears after missing a penalty for Portugal in their Euros last 16 match against mighty Slovenia.

It didn’t matter in the end because Portugal scraped through to the quarter finals on penalties (when Ronaldo hit the target this time). But there was no doubting the most memorable image of the match.

It prompted no end of jokes on Twitter – we’ve rounded up a whole bunch of them here – but no-one did it better than the BBC’s ‘Misstiano Penaldo’.

In close-up!

And we mention it again because of the fury of this particular Ronaldo fan …

‘In my 17 years of journalism and reporting, I’ve never seen such pathetic piece of broadcasting.

‘Where was this when Kane missed against France? Where was this when Messi missed against Chile?

‘The constant hate and narratives towards needs to stop, I expect an apology statement and a compensation for the discrimination of character.’

… and hard to believe we know, but it made the whole thing even funnier.

These people surely said it best.

Well you can be an experienced journalist and have a podcast, obviously, and in the interests of balance and all that, he wasn’t alone.

But mostly, this.


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