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‘What strange things have you agreed to do coz you’re too British to say no?’ – 19 cringeworthy moments

Over on r/AskUK, u/KiwiOk5084 had a question.

What strange things have you agreed to do coz you’re too British to say no?

They explained what had inspired them to make the post.

Today I was in a shop in the shopping centre near my home.

I got talking to the shop assistant who was telling me about skin care. I told her I had bought a cheap product off TikTok shop to try. I wasn’t expecting it to work but for £4 I couldn’t complain.

She asked me to show her what it was. When I did this she asked me to buy it for her and she’d give me the money….

I was taken back as this is something a family member or friend would ask.

I then for some strange reason ordered it for her right there…. Why I did that, I have no idea.

She was really nice and friendly but it’s still a weird request to a stranger. She offered me the cash and I said I’d get it when her item arrived.

What was wrong with me!

A normal human would just say no, or make an excuse… but no… I’m a tit.

They added …

Have you ever done anything stupid to avoid saying no?

Of course, a lot of people had, and these really spoke to us.


I got off the bus three stops early because a stranger told me this was my stop and I was too polite to tell them it wasn't.
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Taste testing crisps in Manchester.

I was approached on Market Street, the guy was relentless so I gave in. I was led to a side street and up some stairs (I felt a little concerned at that point) to a room with plates of crisps, I like crisps, they were all nice crisps.

I missed the train home and had to wait an hour for the next one.


I was at B&Q wearing an orange jumper, looking for a mirror bracket when an old lady came up to me and started asking me about bolts.

Before I could explain that I didn’t work there she proceeded to explain how it was for a cabinet in the bathroom which had been there since the house was built and her son had removed it for her so she could get a replacement.

And that’s the story of how I ended up helping an old lady find the correct bathroom hardware at B&Q.


I agreed to audition for and ended up playing a leading role in a musical (amateur dramatics) becasue I couldn’t find a way to tell the director that I wasn’t interested.


I was given a dog by a friend. Their dog had had puppies, and I felt too awkward saying no. I also felt bad for the little thing, she was the only one who nobody chose. That was 10 years ago and she’s curled up on my lap. I’m so glad I reluctantly said yes.


My upstairs neighbour (who I’d only ever said hello to) once asked me to drive her into town and park outside her ex-boyfriend’s apartment building to spy on who was coming in and out of the building because she saw some comment on a friend’s Facebook status that suggested she (her Facebook friend) was going over to see him.

We had to duck every time the door opened. It literally felt like I was in some weird rom-com scene.


A friend of a friend I see every now and then calls me Dean and I’ve never had the heart to correct him. My name isn’t Dean, it’s Dave. Like a reverse Trigger situation.
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Had a religious nutjob tell me he could cure me of my ailments. Let him “heal” my fucked up shoulder, even pretended to be shocked and overwhelmed by the “miracle” he had just performed.


I was once on a quiet coach on the train with my headphones on but nothing playing

A guy asked me to turn my music down so I just pretend to do so.


I went to university because I was too polite to upset my sixth form’s UCAS co-ordinator who would have mild panic attacks if you asked for alternative career prospects beyond academia.