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‘What strange things have you agreed to do coz you’re too British to say no?’ – 19 cringeworthy moments


Some lady asked me to hold her baby when out shopping. Before I could say anything, the baby was in my arms, and she’d walked off. I stood there with a random baby for about 10 minutes, not knowing if the woman was going to come back.


Said yes to a date with a man I wouldn’t have normally said yes to, because he asked me within earshot of mutual friends and I didn’t want him to be embarrassed.

We’ve just celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary.


A guy stopped me in the street and started talking about how Jesus died for my sins etc. Then he asked if he could pray for me and I, out of sheer politeness, said yes and he proceeded to grab my hand and made me repeat the prayer after him, verse by verse. Including asking for forgiveness and and all these things that as an atheist I wasn’t really comfortable with. But too polite and awkward to say no.


I pretended I was pregnant to the lady behind the counter in a petrol station when she asked when I was due - really just a little fat and wearing a billowy dress - just to save her embarrassment!!!!
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I was on a 4 hour Megabus listening to music and this girl in front of me told me how she had a video call arranged with someone in a minute but she’d forgotten her headphones, and could she please borrow mine. I said yes of course that’s fine (it was not fine because who wants to sit in silence on a megabus) and I handed them over and her Skype call lasted 40 minutes. They were also in-ear headphones, so.. ew.


I sponsored a gorilla for two years because I couldn’t no to the WWF ‘rep’ in WHSmith.


I went into Greggs for a vegan sausage roll but was told they didn’t have any and asked if I wanted “anything else?”. I felt too awkward to say no and leave so I bought a regular sausage roll. Haven’t eaten meat for over a decade so no idea why I did it. Ended up giving it to a homeless person so it didn’t go to waste but I felt so stupid for buying it.


Took my mother in law to get her ears pierced. She was asked to choose jewellery and none of them had prices marked. She picked some and they were £150, the cashier said this like it was a perfectly normal amount to pay for a set of earrings. I didn’t want to ask her to choose another set or cause a fuss so I just paid for them.



I once bumped into someone at high school who immediately recognized me but I absolutely had no clue who they were.

I politely chatted away with them, purposely using mate, bud and fella in place of a name.

To this day I still have not a scooby who the bloody hell it was.

charlie161998 came to a conclusion.

Starting to think the Romans didn’t actually conquer us, we were just uncomfortable asking them to leave.


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