Chinese Foxconn workers send own ‘message to Jobs’

Apple News: While the world mourns the loss of technology maverick Steve Jobs, there was one group of people that weren’t so heartbroken: the workers at Foxconn who make most of Apple’s gadgets.

Fuck U Steve

After a string of suicides due to poor working conditions, long hours and low pay, the death of Jobs was greeted with a cheer after bosses told them they could gather outside for a one-minute break.

We haven’t had a break since China won gold in gymnastics,” said one worker. “Everywhere eyes filled with water. ‘A break’ we thought ‘an actual break!’”

But the mood soon changed when they were told they had to fill their one minute break with a one minute silence for the passing on of their greatest customer.

I don’t even know the names of the people who stand next to me because we are not allowed to talk. After being in the same place in the assembly line for five years I thought this was going to be my opportunity to introduce myself to them – but no.”

The workers soon decided on their own message however, as caught by an overhead news helicopter.

“Of course I am very sorry for Mr. Jobs and his family and friends that Mr. Jobs is dead.”

But I am also very sorry that the working environment here has dehumanized me so much that I am more comfortable making love to a vacuum cleaner than to a woman.”


Story: Jasper Gibson

Image: Q4Nobody