Google quits web to focus on painting career

Search News: Google has announced dramatic plans to quit the web in order to focus on a career in landscape painting, it has been revealed.

Google quits web to focus on painting careerGoogle spends every day searching the web and I guess its just not as exciting as it was when it started, way back in 1998,” said an anonymous friend.

For the last few months Google hasn’t felt challenged at work, its heart really doesn’t seem to be in it any more. Its mood is often indifferent or worse – once I walked into the office unannounced and I think it had been crying.”

Google has apparently been painting watercolour landscapes as a hobby for the last few years, and now intends to try and make it a full time career.

The feeling of stagnation is a common for people of this age,” says psychiatrist Dr. Waldorf P. Phelps.

You reach a point in middle-adulthood and ask yourself if you’ve ever produced anything of real value. Some buy a sports car and take a trophy wife. Others find solace in art.”

Story+Image: Simon Swatman

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