You can see the moment this Portuguese newsreader spots her massive error

You don’t need to speak Portuguese to appreciate the moment this newsreader realises her rather obvious mistake.

As u/0LordKelsier0 who posted the clip explained –

For context, as she was finishing the broadcast, The Last of Us segment shows up, and she only at the end realizes she missed talking about it.

Here are a few reactions we enjoyed.

That is one of the best died inside expressions I have seen on this sub in a long time.

That’s a hell of a face to pull. The entire oh shit my job face.

100% that was a teleprompter fuck up, they don’t call them news readers for nothing.

She has like 9 minutes left of news. Lol. Now what?

You can see the exact moment her heart breaks!

What’s Portuguese for “You fucken what…?!”

The newsreader may not have been on her best game that night, but somebody was.

Whoever was in charge of the outro music was right on the ball!

u/gomaith10 won the pun wars.

The Last of her.


This newsreader had no idea what was coming and it’s a very funny watch

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