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This wife wanted a ‘dancing Arab’ for Christmas and it’s an epic misunderstanding for the ages

Well here’s a proper head-scratcher, posted over in the corner of Reddit called ‘no stupid questions’ and shared by the great @TechnicallyRon on Twitter.

It’s a man who was reliably (sort of) informed by his sister-in-law that what his wife really, really wanted for Christmas was a ‘Dancing Arab’.

He was naturally confused do did what any right thinking hubby would do in such a situation – he turned to Reddit for help.

And here it is again, just in case that’s tricky to read in full.

Oof! (And for an important bit of context – just in case you want to recreate the conversation in your head – the man is Australian and his wife is Scottish. Got it?)

While we get our heads around that, here are the funniest (and most relatable) things people said about it.

And if that’s put you in the mood for just one more epic misunderstanding …

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Source @TechnicallyRon Reddit