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A couple’s portrait-painting date night took a turn when he revealed his hilarious ‘masterpiece’

TikTokker Hayleigh Downs and her partner decided to have a quirky date night in which they painted each other’s portraits. So far, so good.

When the time came to show each other the results, it became comedy gold. In fact, it was better than gold – it was comedy platinum.

See for yourself.

@hayleighdowns1 Decided to bring out the paint for a creative date night. Funniest date night we’ve ever had! #paintyourspouse #datenight #painting ♬ original sound – Hayleigh Downs

Their reactions to each other’s efforts bring us great joy – but there were one or two issues. TikTok users had some thoughts.

He painted a whole different person.

Sir, that’s Rick James.

It’s flattering that your husband thinks you look like Donna Summer.

I agree.
Hayleigh Downs

The panic when he sees yours.
BabiesmomrnThe best reaction.
Hayleigh Downs

He made you a black South Park character.

Is the lady in the painting in the room with us?

That’s Tina Turner.
Albert Macon

Please hang them prominently in your home. LOL.
MoniKeri Imaging

They will be getting framed.
Hayleigh Downs

This is my favorite one so far. HOW DID YOU DO THAT. Immediately followed by an apology!!!

He took some liberties and added some spice.
Thru hike

When he said how’d you do that I knew his was crazy.

Hayleigh also shared a few progress shots from the night.

Next stop, the Louvre.


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