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Garron Noone has had the last word on Andrew Tate’s “Irishness” and it couldn’t be better

In case you missed it, Andrew Tate recently took time out of his busy schedule of oiling his head and shunning the concept of wearing clothes that fit to turn his genealogy into a threat to the Republic of Ireland.

My grandfather was from Limerick. 

My mother half English half Irish. 

Making me one quarter Irish. 

When this bullshit in Romania is over I’m tempted to move to Ireland and fund/raise awareness for all these brave people saving their nation from being invaded.

As you can imagine, Irish people were unimpressed and you can read some great reactions to it here.

But we felt like there was some sort of unfinished business, and we now know what it was. We needed to hear from Garron Noone.

@garron_music #irish #fyp #xyzcba #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Garron Noone

We sincerely hope somebody shows it to Tate, because the thought of him hearing Garron say “We feel you don’t align with our brand, so fuck off, please.” is giving us energy right now.

TikTok users were on board with the sentiment.

“The airport is broken” I adore you Garron.

When I think I couldn’t like you more.
Geurin girl

I’m in knots.
Kongi/Irish fox

I love everything about this.

Dude , you make me giggle.
John Blood197

The unequivocal rejection of Tate (which sounds like a Wes Anderson film) was shared on Twitter by Sorcha Ní Nia, who recognised that it was, indeed, the last word.

There was a resounding thumbs up for the video.







This sounds like the perfect ratio.


We regret to inform you that air fryer tea is a thing – but Garron Noone’s hilarious response makes it worthwhile

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