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The kid with the dancing eyebrows from the iconic Cadbury’s advert is on TikTok – and he’s still got it

Back in 2009, Cadbury’s released an advert for Dairy Milk that would go on to become an absolute classic.

It featured Bradley Ford and Georgia Wake moving their impressively mobile eyebrows in time with Don’t Stop the Rock, by Freestyle, before the slogan of the time, A Glass and a Half Full of Joy appeared onscreen.

In case you’ve forgotten – or, more likely, are too young to remember it – here’s how that looked.

Absolutely epic. Happily, Bradley Ford has recently gone seriously viral after demonstrating on his TikTok account that he can actually still make his eyebrows dance. Naturally, his TikTok name is The Eyebrow Kid.

Brace yourself for something pretty special.

@the_eyebrow_kid Replying to @Britney Ford What do you think @CadburyUK #cadbury #eyebrowkid #fyp #foryou #viral ♬ original sound – The Eyebrow Kid

TikTok users, including Jedward, were very much here for the unexpected reprise. Here’s what they had to say about it.

Absolute Jepic icon.

Waitttt I thought this was edited!!!!

No editing here.
The Eyebrow Kid

This advert is my Roman Empire . This was just what I needed to know to continue into adulthood. Thank you!!!

We watched this in English in primary and had to “analyse” the video I was so confused that whole lesson.
Heather Joy

Ahhh so you’re the kid that gave me constant frustration because no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t do it.
Mummy P

The Eyebrow Kid

This would be top of my CV.

Wait wait wait……… you did your own stunts?!!!!

The Eyebrow Kid

This makes me feel so old.
Michelle Louise

Me too.
The Eyebrow Kid

LMAO I had a hyperfocus on this as a kid and literally trained myself to move my eyebrows like this.

Well this made my day. This was my favourite advert.

My dad bet me a tenner when I was kid if I could learn to do this, I WON.

The Eyebrow Kid

I was at Cadbury world the other week and they show this ad in their museum.

Nah I was hooked, my literal ringtone.
Robert Donnelly

We’re all rooting for this to happen.

Cadbury 100% needs to do a remake of this ad.

I’m in.
The Eyebrow Kid

You never know. Cadbury’s actually commented on the post …

All these years later and you have still got it!

They’re not wrong. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled in case the gorilla starts a TikTok.


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