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Rishi Sunak just made that £1,000 Rwanda bet with Piers Morgan even worse and even Andrew Tate was offended

You’ll remember a few months back Rishi Sunak bet Piers Morgan £1,000 that he would put migrants to the UK on board a plane to Rwanda before the general election.

Just in case you need a recap …

And it was a bad look – a very bad look – for all the reasons people outlined here.

So naturally with the election being called and no flights having left the ground, Morgan wanted to make sure Sunak paid up.

And hard to believe we know, but Sunak has just gone and made the whole thing EVEN WORSE. By doing this.

So no planes left, but one asylum seeker did go there voluntarily.

Although this is probably the least important part of the whole thing, Morgan was naturally proper fumin’.

And while the whole thing should obviously never have happened in the first place, this is surely the only response you need.

And this.

And indeed this!

And it turned out even the loathsome self-styled king of the toxic manosphere Andrew Tate was offended.

At which point there’s simply too much going on in this post, we’re off for a lie down.


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