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This woman’s brutal takedown of a suspicious and outrageously rude girlfriend was simply magnificent

Late contender for takedown of the week is surely this, an exchange which has just gone wildly viral and had the whole of Twitter cheering. Well, all apart from one person (who will rapidly become obvious).

It was shared in the corner of Reddit called ‘clever comebacks’ by smolauthor who said: ‘She really acted like the block is permanent or smh lmao ‘

It begins with a message from a woman who was suspicious of what their boyfriend gets up to online and, well, best have a look for yourself.


And here are just a few of the many delighted responses it prompted.

‘Damn I guess don’t call someone trying to be helpful a whore ‘

‘BF just got a bump up. When he went on OF he was only looking, now he’s got a new hot friend.’

‘Plot twist: the gf account was actually the bf’s all along.’

‘She approaches the intelligence of people that insult waiters…’

“Please block my bf instead of me having a discussion with them like a human being and also you’re a whore even though you’ve done nothing to me”


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Source u/smolauthor