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Charlie Sheen terrorises hotel in Leeds

Celebrity News: As an unrepentant Charlie Sheen languishes in rehab after a heroic 36-hour cocaine and porn-star binge, details emerged today of the notorious actor on yet another rampage – at a budget hotel in Leeds.

charlie sheen

According to staff at the city’s Premier Inn, million-dollar Sheen had a £29 meltdown and “completely lost it” last week when he was unable to open a small container of cream.

The actor, who earns $1.5 million per episode of sitcom Two and a Half Men, reportedly sprang half naked into reception from his £29 a night room, brandishing an appliance and screaming, “do you call that a f**cking kettle?”

Whilst there’s no suggestion at this stage that drugs were involved, night porter Liam Finch insists he’s never seen anything like it, “and I see plenty, believe you me.”

He seemed infuriated by the cream, and to a lesser extent by the kettle itself,” says Finch. But it was not until the actor had checked out that the full scale of his antics came to light.

I went into the room, and I’m reasonably sure he took some shower gel with him as the number of used containers in the bin didn’t tally with those that were provided.”

There is also a suggestion of damage to a towel rail. “I described it to Wayne who does our maintenance, and he’s said he’ll take a look at it when he gets in.”

While Sheen’s handlers have refused to confirm he had visited the Yorkshire inn, a still shaken Finch claims he fears for the actor’s health and sanity. “When I outlined the breakfast options to him, he said the buffet, ‘was a bunch of bullshit.’ I eat here all the time, so I know that’s not true.”

The stunned porter says he offered to call Sheen a cab, but the notorious actor said, “I’d rather f**king walk.” “Last time I saw him,” Finch says, “he was walking through the pines toward the motorway shouting, ‘who the f**k is Lenny Henry?’”