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Israel to send peackeeping force ‘everywhere’

World News: Israel’s government has responded to the humanitarian crisis in Libya by offering to send peacekeeping troops to the area ‘to provide aid to the local population and monitor the ongoing situation.’

The Knesset is currently debating whether to send a preliminary strike force of jets followed up by the Israeli Defence Force through Egypt (depositing a few tank divisions on the way to help the new government in Cairo) to meet up with anti-Gadaffi rebels in Benghazi or to take a more circuitous aid route into Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain and Oman.

israel responds to libya

The decision will be made as soon as a UN-sanctioned ‘no fly zone’ is imposed over Libya, and hopefully the rest of the Middle East and North Africa. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told reporters; “A crack team of ultra-orthodox house-builders are already poised at the Egyptian border, ready to go in and help our Arab brothers at a moment’s notice.”

In a similar development, the White House has already proposed sending 66,000 ‘advisors’ currently on board the U.S. Sixth Fleet sailing to the Middle East and North Africa to help the fledgling governments there.

We will not interfere, and this is not about securing oil reserves” said Hilary Clinton today. “We are there just to provide assistance to whoever asks for it – and if that is an anonymous email saying ‘Help! Help! Come and bring us some burgers and Hip Hop’ then so be it.”