Brangelina admit ‘no idea’ how many kids they have

Celebrity News: Hollywood star couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie admitted today that they have ‘absolutely no goddamn clue’ how many children they have.

brad and angelina: 'we have no idea how many kids we've got'It could be seven, maybe ten, maybe even twenty – who knows?” mused Pitt, currently holidaying at their French chateau.

I get up in the morning and there are dozens of these little guys from all over the world asking for cereal and a game of Frisbee. And that’s just the security personnel. As for all these kids? It’s exhausting. I’m like, ‘Angie is this tiny black dude with a Mohawk one of ours?'”

The other day I saw Angie chastising a mother at the hypermarché who had let her twins knock over a display stand of cheeses. Turns out those were actually our own biological children. We have twins. When the hell did that happen? Talk about ‘Tree of Life’ – it’s a fucking orchard over here.’”